About Island Pacific Group Virtual Airline

IPG Virtual is a Premier Global Virtual Airline. Headquartered in Los Angeles California, IPG offers over 53 different aircraft types to over 4000 destinations worldwide. Island Pacific Group Virtual Airlines has been serving the flight sim community since January 2007. IPG operates scheduled and non scheduled flights out of our 16 hubs located at EHAM-Amsterdam, EIDW-Dublin, KLAX-Los Angeles, KBOS-Boston, EGLL-London, MMMX-Mexico City, PHNL-Hawaii, NTAA-Faa'a Tahiti, KMIA-Miami, KSEA-Seattle, TNCC-Curacao, MKJB-Norman Manley, Jamaica, YSSY-Sydney, VHHH-Hong Kong, OMDB-Dubai and our iFly Executive Jet hub located at KTEB-Teterboro!

Our VA is unparalleled in the flightsim community. YOU fly what you want WHEN you want without any silly restrictions on air frames based upon rank. Island Pacific Group Virtual has code share alliances with over 20 Virtual Airlines. Our pilots have the option of flying IPG routes or any number of our code share routes and aircraft. Our ultimate goal here at IPG Virtual is to provide pilots with an organized, FUN, Original,and professional atmosphere within a tightly-knit group. If your a pilot new to the virtual airline scene or an experienced veteran pilot looking to broaden your horizons and break away from the pack, We would love to have you on-board! Join us today and see for yourself what the IPG Virtual experience is all about!

Our fleet of more than 50 different aircraft lets you fly what want you when you want

Our Codeshares

Turkish Airlines
Delta Virtual
American Airlines
Air France
South African Airways
Oceanic Airlines
Air Peace
Africa World Airlines
Kenya Airwyas
Qatar Airlines
Royal Jordanian
Trans Anguilla Airways
Gulf Air
Singapore Airlines
Azman Air Nigeria
South African Airways
Kuwait Airways
Kuwait Airways
Carribean Airlines
Mesa Airlines
Cathay Pacific
Arik Air
Ehiopian Airlines
Korean Airlines
Aero California
Hawaiian Airlines
American Connection
United Airlines
Aero Contractors
Asky Airlines
First Nation Airways

With more than fifteen regional tours, we’ll send you places you never thought of visiting

Our Hubs

Airport Hours Pilots
NTAA - Faaa4135.74
KLAX - Los Angeles Intl2325.35
KBOS - Logan Intl568.12
EIDW - Dublin Intl1305.21
PHNL - Honolulu Intl594.52
MMMX - Lic Benito Juarez Intl498.11
KMIA - Miami Intl980.01
EGLL - Heathrow400.90
KTEB - Teterboro16.00
YSSY - Kingsford Smith Intl218.20
RKSI - Incheon Intl317.30
LPPT - Lisbon337.52
DNMM - Murtala Muhammed81.50
OTHH - New Doha Intl238.10
PANC - Stevens Anchorage Intl305.32
SBGL - Galeao-Antonio C Jobim Intl9.50
ENGM - Gardermoen59.00
CYYZ - Toronto/Pearson Intl1.90
TTPP - Piarco Intl12.10

Our committed, and international staff means that getting your questions answered has never been easier


Callsign Name Hours Flights Hub Rank VATSIM ID Network Status
IPG003Bill M.8133.31901PHNLPresident/Founder1257617Offline
IPG4796John S.2667.61937EIDWVested Pilot1021595Offline
IPG16Jasper A.1459.7130KLAXSr. Vested PilotOffline
IPG17David A.1717.0101KLAXChief Of Airline Operations (CAO)957474Offline
IPG010Khalil S.1536.5256OTHHSr. Vested Pilot811370Offline
IPG1520Justin B.479.19KLAXCaptainOffline
IPG1125Calvin C.2907.31461TTPPChief Executive Officer (CEO)1231493Offline
IPG1550Gokhan S.40.234KLAXSr. CaptOffline
IPG619Xavier M.125.967KMIACaptain1337567Offline
IPG0723Aaron O.378.650RKSIHub Manager1319973Offline
IPG5474Ibrahim A.153.4115DNMMHub Manager1348732Offline
IPG7100Gaddafi L.110.234DNMMCaptainOffline
IPG1961Azeez A.206.163DNMMTraining CaptainOffline
IPG2246Delroy W.245.6189PANCHub ManagerOffline
IPG6969Lee L.279.7146KMIAHub Manager1363729Offline
IPG0317Benjamin D.4.66PHNLTraining Captain1191548Offline
IPG5100Douglas U.8.33NTAACaptain1380131Offline
IPG5300Bachir S.2.63YSSYCaptainOffline
IPG007Austin I.117.352KMIACaptain1400073Offline
IPG4444Darien B.30.713KMIACaptain1265804On VATSIM as FFT1712
IPG7554Abdul-Aziz B.331.91DNMMCaptain1208005Offline
IPG445cody l.52.132LPPTHub Manager1392994Offline
IPG2700Eli W.87.63KBOSTraining Captain1338316Offline
IPG420Thomas K.67.339EGLLHub Manager1391709Offline
IPG0313Eric G.17.69LPPTCaptainOffline
IPG761Ron M.18.84KBOSCaptainOffline
IPG0116Steve R.3.11PANCCaptain1398913Offline
IPG5280Joe E.0.00PANCCaptainOffline
IPG2013Jonah L.2.41KLAXCaptain1359481Offline
IPG691John M.530.724EGLLCaptain1404758Offline
IPG5488Forrest H.0.00KLAXCaptainOffline
IPG2500Dakota F.500.00KBOSCaptainOffline
IPG2900Anthony M.0.00EGLLCaptainOffline
IPG1090Brett B.0.00KLAXPresident/FounderOffline


Name Position
Board of Directors
William Anthony MonroeChairman/President (PRES)
Geoff DaleSr. Executive Board Member
Johnny SweeneySr. Executive Board Member
David AtichinsonSr. Executive Board Member
Jasper AbrahamssonSr. Executive Board Member
Executive Staff
Calvin CalhounChief Executive Officer (CEO)
David AtchinsonChief Ailine Operations (CAO)
VACANTChief Flight Operations (CFO)
VACANTVP iFly Executive (VPIF)
Aaron OsherChief Pilot (CP)
David AtchinsonChief Pilot (CP)
Administrative Staff
Aaron OsherVP Internet Technology (VPIT)
Thomas KurienVP IPG Radio (VPR)
VACANTVP Public Affairs (VPPA)
Regional Directors
Stefan van GochEastern Hemisphere (RDE)
VACANTWestern Hemispher (RDW)
Hub Directors
Dave Atchinson - KLAXKLAX (HDLAX)

Our small community allows for unrivaled experiences



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We're nearly 10 years strong. 10 Year Anniversary in November.